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Featured Articles:


It is difficult to recall when was the last time when the whole of world was so anxiously waiting for the one single thing – the Vaccine for Covid-19. With more than 1 .6 corers of people being infected the race for an effective and successful vaccine is picking its pace against all the odds and challenges.

How it works:

In a simpler language a vaccine works by training the immune system to fight the Virus once it attempts to enter. For the purpose a molecule (known as antigen) from same virus is introduced into the body to trigger the organic immune response. Thus, when it is reasonable to be optimistic but there need to be proper planning and scientific back up plans for the entire process to implement. To quote Washington Post : “… people who are imagining that as soon as we get a vaccine they can get a shot and go on with their lives need to be aware of the real risk that we get a vaccine fairly quickly, but it’s only modestly effective. Moreover, its effectiveness would be particularly modest in the people we are most eager to protect: the elderly and immunocompromised. This means that we need to have plans now to get everyone immunized so that everyone can safely go outside.”

The Front Runners

According to the WHO news release more than 150 counties have engaged themselves in covid 19 vaccine global access. The WHO has also declared that the goal of COVAX is by the end of 2021 to deliver two billion doses of safe, effective vaccines that have passed regulatory approval. These vaccines will be delivered equally to all participating countries.

The Oxford Vaccine:

Out of all the vaccines development news the Oxford research with AstraZeneca Plc has been at the forefront. The latest report confirmed the possibility of a final result by as early as September, 2020.

Russian Vaccine:

According to the report received from Russian healthcare watchdog Rospotrebnadzor at least two Vaccines from the country should be ready sooner than anticipated by many. The report said the Russian State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology is ready with the country’s second vaccine for human trial in this month only. Earlier, Russia's first Covid-19 vaccine resulted in Researchers claiming that all volunteers who underwent the process have gained corona virus immunity after using the vaccine.

Indian Vaccine:

Indian researchers are far from lagging behind in the race indigenous vaccine against the novel coronavirus . At leaset two companies –Bharat Biotech and Zydus Cadila are currently in the process of conducting human trial in six cities in six separate states in the country.

Contributed Articles:


Depression is a black cloud of muddled thoughts which grips an Individual to such an extent that it breaks him down completely. It has been associated with low to no self-confidence and self-worth; also lack of meaning in life leading to the final step that is suicide. It cripples your mental ability to the extent that you lose your capability to manage yourself & your daily life. It has been associated with loss of energy and continous mental agony. The person looses his willpower and the ability to fight back and thus needs help. In most cases you even loose your ability to ask for help due to mental crippling and herein comes the role of family & friends who’s support at the right moment can help prevent its spread. The immediate causes can be personal or professional failure, loss of a loved one, abuse or even genetics.

Depression has been found to have deep roots in childhood. “The way your parents talk to you in your early years becomes your inner voice for the rest of your lives.” Continuous criticism and scolding by parents creates a negative self-image that leads to low self-esteem which also leads to depression. Healthy parenting and positive surroundings during the formative years of our lives largely amounts to build up of a balanced personality.

The Inner reality is directly related to the external world. Thus any disturbance in your mental ability effects the way you function in life and vice versa. We can’t detach Individual from society which despite of an increasing literacy rate refuses to be educated. Our society from ages has made villains out of Mental-health patients and this has led to stigma. It has been engrained in our minds from centuries that a detreating mental health is some sort of a genie let alone accepting it out openly in the society.

Besides South Asian economies have a poor health-care infrastructure and this has led to rising cases with little hope of help. But in the past decade a lot of awareness has been raised by numerous NGO’s at the local level. It is largely the interplay of social, economic and individual factors that leads to inaccessibility of mental health care. Thus bad mental health is not just the problem. The real issue is people not seeking help despite having options howsoever scanty.

Now there are two aspects of every mental issue. One is Psychiatric issue which is largely hormonals dealt by a psychiatrist who prescribes medication. The other aspect is Psychological which is the behavioural aspect treated by a psychologist through psychotherapy. We can prevent people from falling prey to depression by some alternate forms of general therapy too. Parental Counselling and empathy during and post the initial years leads to development of a strong mind with less issues. Yoga and deep breathing has been found to be very effective. Nature is a healer in itself and being close to it is a medicine. Activities like gardening,trekking,swimming have been found to be therapeutic. It is ironic that the Valley of Saints despite being an abode of rivers & mountains is worst hit by depression. Its important to look for cure but its more important to promote a healthy mental health. The monster has to be knipped in the bud way before it grips your mind.

-Sadaf Zulfikar Baig , Pursuing PHD in English, Srinagar, J&K