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All Honourable Patrons ;

Respected Sir /Madam /Brothers and Sisters,

Myself, Gunamay Das, Managing Trustee of “STPN TRUST which is Registered under 12AA,80G,FCRA & Chairman of Nandkumar Jeevanrao STPN High School (Bengali & English Medium). We are running an English as well as a Bengali Medium Charity School “Nandkumar Jeevanrao STPN High School” at Sahebnagar,Satkhanda Sahebnagar,Khejuri,Purba Medinipur- 721431,West Bengal where poor students get their Education, books, mid-day meal at free of cost. Presently we have classes from Play Group to Higher Secondary with a student strength of 476 . We have a total staff of 57 in which we have 38 highly qualified & competent teachers and administrators. We pay them the as per Govt. of West Bengal norms.

My, father Late Satadal Kanti Das (Retired School Teacher ) donated his entire land holding of approx. 3.5 Acres to establish an English Medium School in a rural area with a big dream to provide equal opportunity to our rural students so that they can also get an opportunity of education in English medium School at Free of Cost.To make his dream a reality I established an NGO “STPN TRUST” in the Year 2015 and started collecting funds from people from the street and in the Parks. As a coincidence I got in touch with Honourable Nandkumar Khandare (Ex CEO of Ashok Leyland Technologies Ltd) who provided us Unsecured Loan of almost 32 Lakhs till date without Interest. We started our School in the Year 2017 with only 17 students and over 3 years our Students strength grew up to 476. Which also meant a commensurate increase of qualified teachers to 38.

Sir, this initiative has created a local employment. Our Male to Female ratio is 3:1 and SC to General category ratio is 1:4

  • Poor students are getting their Education,Mid Day Meal, Books and Hostel Facilities at free of Cost ;

  • We also provide Free Meals, Medical Treatments, & Clothes to Poor Elderly Men/Women, We had a tree Plantation drive along Village Road, Wherever possible, we have also given financial assistance to poor people for their Medical Treatments.

  • Provided Scholarship to Poor Students for their Higher Studies.

  • We are recently certified under 12 AA and 80G(5)(vi) of Income Tax Act,1961,Ministry of Finance,Govt of India for our different social activities.

  • We are registered under FCRA Act-2010 having Registration No: 147121093 under Ministry of Home Affairs,Govt. of India.

Till date I was struggling to manage everything with the financial help from Honourable Nandkumar Sir and loans from local co-operative societies. However, now with huge liabilities I am finding it extremely difficult to manage the running of my school. I am 30 Years Old now and I am completely broken. Our present outgo per month is almost 12.60 Lakhs (INR) for Staff Salaries which is really high for me to manage. I know that if I can continue for 5-7 Years, things will fall in place as the paying students will increase due to the reputation of the school, which is very good in the locality. However, at this moment I find myself exhausted and unable to pull on for a single month.Hence, at this moment I need your blessings and Help so that I can save the future of lots of students who have reposed faith in us and also the families of 57 Employees who are blissfully unaware of the challenges that I am facing.

Our School is the only English medium School in Khejuri and Nandigram Constituency area in West Bengal ,So you can easily judge the importance and the extent of expectations from the local community.We are providing free Tuition to our School students in the morning and evening. Girls students are also opting Hostel facilities so that they can avail evening tuition at School but due to lack of Fund we are unable to provide separate Girls Hostel to our Students.
Presently we have 3 Storied Building with 18 Rooms and another 2 Storied Building (Under Construction) with 12 Rooms which is inadequate to continue Classes and provide Hostel facilities.
I request you to help us to build more classrooms and a separate girl’s hostel. Moreover, funds to tide over the current crisis of routine maintenance expenses incurred in running the school.
Sir I have attached all the required Documents along with this letter so that you can easily understand about us and about our activities.
I sincerely request you to help us in sustaining this social experiment to uplift the disadvantaged and marginalized rural students, especially the girls students.
I shall be highly obliged if you kindly consider our request for the Grants to save and expand our School to serve the community. With Thanks; & Regards;

-Gunamay Das (Chairman)/ Nandkumar Jeevanrao STPN High School

Please Whatsapp: +91 8583038635

Our Official Facebook Page:


Bank Account Details:

  1. Account Name: STPN TRUST , Account No:34781101406 , Bank Name: STATE BANK OF INDIA, IFSC CODE: SBIN0011533, Branch address: 423D Motilal Gupta Road,Kolkata-700082

  2. Account Name: STPN TRUST , Account No: 60353794163, Bank Name: Bank of Maharashtra, IFSC CODE: MAHB0000791, Branch address Plot No 175,Block G,New Alipur,Kolkata 700053

Story of Samaj Bandhu

Today, I take this opportunity to talk about Ajay. He must be around 27 or 28 years old. He works as a municipal worker (in Bengali Samaj Bandhu) in two housing societies. Just like his grandfather, Arjun Babu, used to long ago. As Arjun Babu grew older, the responsibility fell on his grandson. Arjun Babu currently lives in Chaibasa, a small town in the state of Jharkhand.

Ajay tied the knots at the age of 19. When asked how old his wife was at time of marriage, he replied “18” with hints of shyness in his eyes.

I probed further, saying “Are you speaking the truth? Or was it less?”

He bowed in head in shame, but replied with a dry smile “In our village, people get married at a young age”. I instantly understood what it meant.

Ajay has two daughters. His eldest daughter is about six years old, and the youngest one around 3 years old. His wife and daughters stay in Chaibasa.

I asked, “Do your girls go to school?”

Ajay replied “The oldest one does. I haven’t sent the little one yet”.

I praised him and remarked “Wonderful, Ajay! Never compromise about their education.”

Ajay nodded in agreement.

Ajay has been working for a long time. But I have never seen him take a day off, even during storms or heavy rainfall. Ajay speaks less, but when he does, he maintains a smile on his face. I have never seen him get upset. He is honest, steadfast, and tirelessly committed towards his work. A rarity nowadays, isn’t it?

Regularly, he climbs up and down the four floors of the two housing societies, picks up garbage from each flat, sweeps and cleans the stairs, cleans the inside of the complexes, and dumps the garbage at the designated location.

I asked him, “You work so hard. Don’t your hands and feet ache in pain?

Ajay smiled and replied “It does hurt a little. But now I’m accustomed to this hardship.”

I continued, “I got to know from my mother that the cyclone ‘Amphan’ had caused severe damage to the place where you stay. Did you borrow Rs. 6,000 for the repair works?

Ajay nodded in consent.

I told him to meet me the next day at exactly five o'clock in the afternoon. “Need to tell you something”, I said.

“Okay, Dada. I will.”

Ajay calls me "Yes Dada”. There’s a certain sweetness in that salutation, because the speaker is a sweet and simple person himself. Over the years, I have learned a lot from him. I still am learning. And there’s a great deal of learning left, I am sure.

-Dipankar Das , Architect / Director, Haven Consultants Pvt. Ltd , Expertise in Healthcare project and Educational Project in India.

Story of a crazy girl

I belong to a Hindu Brahmin family. So by born, I represent the most precious caste in Our Country.

From my very young age I always used to do what a common girl may not permitted to do in society. I was very stubborn in young age. I always did whatever I want to do. I was deliberately contentious that no one used to mess with me. Because of my nature, everyone warned me that I would learn the best lesson after marriage. And that time those words bother me a lot, and for that I was more and more stubborn and determined that I will never change myself whatever the situation I will face. I will never ever change.

Time runs out very quickly. And like my nature, I find my soul-mate and marry him. Incidentally he is a Muslim. After my marriage, many people had hoped that I might be a slave because I'm married to a Muslim and I'm going to turn into a house-keeper. But wait, remember my words. I am what I want to be. So I remain unchanged. Though who knows me closely they know that I will never be controlled never be forced by anyone. Even though people who think like this don't know me, I have compassion for them. Even though they have received their answers in the past, it seems like I've written something like this today.

Most of the people in our country, in our community thought Muslim means Burkha. Muslims mean restrictions on girls, Muslims means Dark Age. Married woman have to wear Burkha or covered her face, they have some restrictions, so many dos and don’ts. But after see my honeymoon photographs in social media (facebook) which are extremely revealing (in orthodox mind) they got shocked (maybe). Many of them were wondering, who is in my father-in-law's house? Is there anyone on Facebook? Did the groom say anything? Did he permit you to wear such dresses? Blah blah.

My dear friends they are Muslims and normal human beings too. They never ask anything about my cloths, my words, my thoughts. Unlike you are, they like me a lot. Actually, they love me a lot in the way I am. I can speak to them about everything endlessly. In weekend me, my husband, my brother-in-law, and Abba used to discuss about every important things, we discuss about politics, society, religious, and economy and other things. Sometime we noticed it was 3 o’clock in night but our discussion was going on.

I'm angry, I'm a freak, I don't like cooking, I'm a bit of a argumentative, I'm a mouthpiece, I don't like to have a such a family which easily can pull back me. Rather, I love reading; knowing about everything which is constantly happens around you. I think it's more important to keep the world in formed, to think of you as a self-interested man who is a head-scratcher in politics. When I go home or go to my in-law's house, my Husband, my Brother-in-law, Abba and I myself have a debate about politics, society, religious, and economy and so many things about all night.

I've been like this for last three years. No, no one ever said anything from my in-laws. My brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, nephew, niece all are in Facebook. Everyone sees my post on Facebook where I never hesitated to promote my own self. So they can see my post because it never hide or block from them. They always welcomed me as I am. Never judge me; never force me to change anything. This October I will complete 3 years of our married life, and between this times I never ever felt ignored or overlooked or insulted or suck in anywhere. I am loved by my loved ones as I am love to. Yes they are Muslims and I am a Hindu Brahmin Girl still now.

I can say it by my father-in-law's happiness. If I'm a little worse or unwell, I'm not going to get the phone call every time from my in-laws. When Abba was there, I’d get it every an hour. Yes, I am not a householder, but it is not so difficult for anyone to adopt a much "uncivilized" girl in the eyes of society. No, there is nothing wrong happened because of my hot pant or my stubborn nature or my quarrelsome behaviour. No one ask me to change myself ever, rather they love to love me as I am.

And yes, my Husband didn't give me Liberty because he doesn't have that right or the right to give it. Because he's not my Owner or Swami He is my Husband, my better-half. So please my dears, my so called well- wishers stop thinking about those things which causes harm to your own health.

-Esha Ganguly /Legal Head /Realmark Realty Private Limited


Tamanna! Tamanna! Tamanna! ............... yes Ammaa.... I‘m coming...coming... she woke up and ran into the Kitchen. This was Tamanna’s daily drill in her home in the early morning. An ambitious, passionate girl who is living in that city called ‘Varada’ all alone in her house.

She had a big family consist of her father, mother, elder brother, younger sister, and a younger brother too. Those days are happy and lovely. She was in Varada ever since her childhood. She remembered her younger sister and a younger brother born there at City Hospital in Varada. Her Amma was too unhealthy in those days especially when her younger brother Varun’s pregnancy times. When the time Varun came to her family, her father Bhanu was an employee at Lechpath; a mining company. Her elder brother Jai was a mechanical engineering student. Tamanna was studying in the seventh standard and her younger sister Taara was in the first standard. Her Amma Vasundhara was an adorable, responsible housewife.

Amma usually woke in the early morning at 4.00 am. Babba’s job had to shift and he used to go early in the morning and came the afternoon of that day. Sometimes he went afternoon and came back at the midnight. Whenever Baba wants to go duty, Amma was ready to parcel his tiffin. Sometimes bhaiya fought with Amma for not taking care of her health and he tried to help in her household activities. Amma was against Bhai’s attitude and his interference in household activities. But Amma always called me for help. Amma always lets me prepare food and other homework. I was wondered during those days, why my mother allows me to do so. Taara and Varun are too young to handle anything. She whispered; maybe Amma being a seer.

Tamanna look around and took a deep breath. Years are passed; Tammanna is twenty years old and graduated in Economics. The photo hanging on the wall was the only happy left for her. The day when Bhai came with a camera and forcefully trying to have baba and Amma’s photo, they asked him to take a family photo instead of their only. It was a happy moment for all of us. Bhai asked Pankaj baba, baba's friend to take the family photo. Tamanna laughed loudly when she remembered the time, patience, and effort that her Bhai spend to teach Pankaj baba about ‘how to take a photo.’

Thank you Bhai, if you didn’t bring that camera on that day, I won’t see you all today. See how cute is our Taara and Varun. Varun was a toddler then. I told to Bhai at that time; Look bhaiya Taara was shy to smile!! How beautiful her eyes in this photo. Amma was beautiful but her eyes look so tired in this photo. Baba was the same; grey hair man with positive vibes only.

The chirping voices of birds are hearing. Tamanna gets hold of a saucepan for making black tea. It was her mother’s favorite. She washed and draws some water from the water pipe. Ohh No!!! I forgot pouring Kerosene to the heater; Tammanna said to herself. She placed the pan near the

heater and went to take Kerosene. Tamanna!! Don’t play with Kerosene. You would burn. Place there. I will do!! Jai stridently warned her. Remembering his warning, suddenly she replied; Bhai I am not a child anymore. Let me do this. It won’t hurt. I am taking care of it. Don’t worry... habitually before her dialogue ends, Jai came and took the jar from her. Her dialogue ends, but Jai wasn’t there. She realized. Bhai!! Now I became big, but I am not sure I won’t get hurt.

Tea was ready. Two tablespoon sugars were enough. Stir well Tammu!! Yes, baba. She replied to baba emotionally and turned around. Ohh baba!! There wasn’t my baba. She came back to bed. The comforter was misplaced. Taara you are messed up!! Again you fall out of bed. Ohh No! Did you hurt? Taara... Taara...Tamanna pulls the comforter. There was nothing. Tamanna became moody.

The pretty eyes Taara was a trouble maker during bedtime. Most of the days, she was fall out of the bed and hurt herself. Babba once made a fence to our bed to protect Taara from falling off. Unfortunately, on that day she didn’t fall but hanged like a bat in that fence that hurt badly in her neck. So the next day itself, that fence was removed.

Tamanna took her diary from her bag placed near to her bed. Ohh my God!! babaa...bhaii.. ammaa..ammaa...Come here...Look what Varun is doing right now!ammaaa...babaa...bhaii... Hey, what happened? Where is Varun? What is he doing? Hahaha...for this you are making noises. ‘Let him chew the pages too. Later he will learn the perception’! ohh Baba!!! Hahaha...

Yes, I still remember those words baba. When I asked you all to come, Baba and Bhaiya ran to me immediately. Amma carried Varun from my hand and all laughed at me. Meanwhile, Bhai tried to have my dairy from Varun's mouth and in the middle of that, Baba told me that words. I was speculated at that time. Baba took Varun from amma’s hand and carried him outside. The right edge of the front cover-bind of that dairy was chewed by Varun. Tamanna felt she was missing her naughty cute Varun.

She took her dairy and turned the pages. 25th of April, yes. It was her birthday. She was alone on that special day. Oh my goodness!! She found out a sweet message of birthday wishes from her family in a piece of paper in her diary that was kept years ago. Her eyes filled with tears and heartaches. She wished to see her family at that moment. She cried a lot. Everything faded away. It was only the 20th day.

Renu, Parik, Seena, Mithili, Sikander, Meera, Golu, Mariya, Lalitha, Rehman, Shyla all was there on our campus to celebrate the final day. It was Golu who planned to go to Mitula Café to rejoice all together once again. We all agreed because we all know it was hard for us to meet again altogether. Later came back to my home place ‘Viveekatha’, the place where family moved

when Varun was five years old. I came via train from Kaanthapur, the place my college situated at Viveekatha station.

The station was all set to check up all the passengers came from anywhere to that station. I was astonished and didn’t understand what was happening in my home railway station. I was also meant for a check-up and asked me to stand nearby a device.

Hey girl!! Stand by that device. Don’t move until the nurse stated. Move aside!! You are infected!! For me, the world was splitting into two. They checked my temperature and later asked me to inform my family about the quarantine I need to go through.

Yes!! I infected COVID-19. I don’t know where it was caught. All through the way I was unmasked and gloveless. I was careless. I didn’t wash my hands after certain intervals of time or even after touching the doors and sink.

If you can provide yourself quarantine for fourteen to twenty-eight days under the supervision of health experts, you can decide the place for your quarantine. Otherwise, you should come with us. We will arrange your quarantine!! No Madam, I can take quarantine myself. I can give the address of my place and your people can monitor me!!!

I was supposed to call my Baba; sadly they asked me to leave straight away. The ambulance took me to Varada, the place where I spend memorable days in my life. The key was near a small box right away from the switchboard. I came inside and locked myself. I informed my family. I cried. Amma told me not to cry dear, certainly, you recover... Baba asked me to take rest Tammu. You are not going to die. Just care for yourself... You are my sister, don’t fear, we all are with you; Bhai said, Taara cried and said; we will come and take you here soon, and Varun told me; We love you di...after a long conversation, I fell asleep for a while...

Taara was running and Varun was following her. Bhai was lying on Amma’s lap for a head massage. Baba was watching Taara and Varun. I was going to the kitchen for making tea. We all are happy. We are together.

Tamanna! Tamanna! Tamanna! ............... yes Ammaa... I‘m coming...coming...

-Aiswaria G. Shajan Research Scholar Department of Linguistics, University of Kerala Kariavattom campus-Thiruvananthapuram

Jadavpur Youth Adventurers Welfare Association (JYAWA) - the BEGINNING

Jadavpur Youth Adventurers Welfare Association (JYAWA) was founded on 2016 by eminent social worker Mr. Partha Paul with few other enthusiastic social worker friends to pursue few simple and common goals such as providing the knowledge, skill, opportunity to grow interest and practice adventure sports which include rock climbing, kayaking and few more mainly to the children & college students and specially take care of underprivileged children in pursuing these sports.

Secondly, in today's sedentary lifestyle almost none gets enough exposure to the nature & life skills which are very crucial to become a successful human being! We organised camps & events to make children aware of the beauties of nature and learn life skills.

As social workers we always strive to bring up underprivileged children to the world of adventure sports along with others with your support and we include them every year in our camps while sponsoring their needs.

Apart from all these, we constantly work throughout the year on very ground level to help the needy which all of our core members are doing from childhood by their own capacity or with help of others. Be it any kind of disaster, natural calamity, pandemic or poverty stricken villages, we always enjoy giving our best in all means to make them beneficial through our contribution and lift them up while putting smile on their face.

In this Covid-19 Pandemic, from the very 2nd day of lock-down we have started awareness program and food items distribution program in association with Indian Red Cross Society South 24 Paragana District Branch and till date have successfully distributed food items to more than 25,000 people within this short period of time and minimum resources! It was only possible because of the strong team we have and the support of well-wishers in whatever means they can!

JYAWA have organised massive blood donation awareness program followed by blood donation camps for Thalassemia patients and others in need in all the parts we could reach. Most of our members are also Indian Red Cross Society life member and Mr.Partha Paul is serving as Red Cross volunteer for last 35 years wherever and whichever way he could. At this covid 19 crisis period JYAWA have also distributed medicines, masks, hand sanitizer & life saving drugs to the needy. All our expenses were from our own savings but now we are bound to collect money as the number of help seekers and help receivers both are increasing rapidly.

On 8 May, World Red Cross Day, we have showed gratitude and saluted the selfless contribution of front-line warriors in Covid-19 Pandemic including doctors & nurses by clapping for 5 mins in front of various hospitals in the city.

We have donated to people in many parts of West Bengal including Sundarban, Pathar Pratima, Sandeshkhali, Canning, Hansnabad, Basirhat-2, Guma, Kultala, Mahestala, Makalgacha, Sonarpur, Bijaygarh and many other locations. We have organised donation camps to many locations but due to time & infrastructure constraints we have also delivered many donations individually to different parts of West Bengal.

Association for Rehabilitation of Resourceless but Assiduous Youth (ARRAY) is another organization founded by Mr. Partha Paul on 2007 with the purpose of providing opportunity & support for proper education, uniforms & cloths, books and other essentials to the underprivileged children and help in individual's development in a mass scale resulting in socio-economic development and make a permanent positive impact on these children & family's life.

We would like to introduce our core committee members:-

  • Mr. Shyamal Baran Mukherjee (President):- Eminent social worker & Indian Red Cross Society South 24 Paragana District Branch Secretary. He is serving lives for more than 50 years

  • Mr. Stimit Srimani(Vice President):- Renowned mountaineer and holds Limca Book of Records.

  • Mrs. Ishita Awasthi(Vice President):- Ex woman cricketer

  • Mr. Partha Paul (Secretary):- Eminent Social Worker & serving lives for more than 35 years.

  • Mr. Kajal Paul(Treasurer):- Businessman

  • Mr. Rajarshi Bhattacharya (Assistant Treasurer):- Entrepreneur

  • Mrs. Aparna Paul:- Self Employed

  • Miss Piku Ghosh:- Animal lover & activist

  • Miss Paramita Sengupta:- Film personality & script writer

  • Mr. Suman Biswas:- Businessman

  • Mr. Gopal Das:- Government Employee & Football Coach

We are grateful to all the people came with us in this journey and we believe with your support and blessings we will be able to touch millions of lives!

Here are our contact and bank account details:-

Jadavpur Youth Adventurers Welfare Association(JYAWA)

Registration Number:- S0006855

Registered Address:- 66C, Suhasini Ganguly Sarani, Bhawanipore, Kolkata- 700025

Correspondence Address:- 3/56B, Bijaygarh, Jadavpur, Kolkata- 700032

Contact Number:- 9432991087 (Mr. Rajarshi Bhattacharya)


Association for Rehabilitation of Resourceless but Assiduous Youth (ARRAY)

Registration Number:- S/1L 46879

Contact Number:- 9874443064 (Miss Paramita Sengupta)

Bank Account:- Jadavpur Youth Adventurers Welfare Association ,Canara Bank ,Bijaygarh Branch, Kolkata, IFSC- CNRB0008566, AC No. 8566101005673

-Partha Paul (Secretary) ,Jadavpur Youth Adventurers Welfare Association

IMPERFECT NGO (A Journey towards Perfection)

Imperfect NGO registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 in 2018 and the registration number is 1084. Imperfect NGO has right to work all over India . Head office of this NGO is in Delhi which is served by Mr. Abdul Basit and Mr. Surjeet , a new regional office in 2019 started in Jaipur which is served by dr. Gauri Dhingra and dr. Nandini Sharma. Around 150 volunteers are associated with this NGO. Since last three years this NGO has done a lot of activities as warm clothes distribution to beggars in every winter season, stationary distribution to poor children, drawing competition in govt school and distributed color kits to students, Ice breaking session on prime locations of the Jaipur city to create awareness to the general public and our NGO has adopted a govt school of physically challenged children in Achrol near Jaipur. Toy Donation Drive for children at Aastha NGO, Break Stereotypes Drive at Jaipur, Fund Raising for a patient in UP, No to plastic campaign, Spread Happiness Drive on Diwali, Christmas Drive, Cloth Donation Drive, Feed India Campaign and many more..

Our NGO is not having any source of finance and all expenditure are done by we all with our resources or the collection done by our volunteers. Initially all the expenditure were availed by its chief members. In this time of CORONA pandemic , when a large number of poor and those daily wages labourers people who have lost their earnings due to lockdown and in a condition of die with hunger we have a small contribution . we provide 1500 food packets daily to the needy ones in different locations of the city. We have distributed Till April we have donated 6500 kg grains to the poorer in Jaipur and Delhi, around 300 ration kits and cooked food packets are distributed daily to the people.

Imperfect NGO collaborated with Pristyn Care in April end to help people in getting doctor on call facility and for Covid testing during lockdown through out the country.

Imperfect NGO also ensured that people from underprivileged sections get the doctor and fees shouldn't become a barrier for them. Imperfect pledged to sponsor the doctor fees of all the people who can't afford or have limited resources. So far 15 families benefitted from this. We are fortunate that we have such a dedicated team of young students who have a passion to do something for the society. In this lockdown situation Some of our volunteers are working their own as it is not easy to work together so 2-3.

of our volunteers are distributing food packets with their own resources which shows their passion , love and care for the society. We are in initial stage and don’t exactly know what to do but we have a feeling to do , we work where we think should work.

Lets keep moving the good work to each heart It is an honour to share with you that we achieved these milestone. It was not possible without the love and support of all the team members. . Thank you for your love and support and prayers. Our tag line is 'A journey towards perfection' and indeed always we try to move towards that collectively.

We promise that we will keep serving like this in future also.

Team Imperfect / / / DR. NANDINI SHARMA