In this Covid-19 pandemic, it is a high prerequisite to launch a website and series of webinars to make the appropriate use of home isolation of the youth and other researchers and academicians. More and more information with the expert opinions and round table discussions will make the dialogue useful with different ideologies and create impact to overcome the conflict “in and out”. Issues related with the empowerment of women and its challenges can be addressed throughout with this online platform easily who aren’t stepping out. How can we consider a healthy balance between work and life that will be addressed in these sessions? Maximum number of youth/students/academicians from India and aboard will be benefited out of these online sessions. From different religious and cultural faith pupils will be self-activated with this WebPlatform4Dialogue program. WebPlatform4Dialogue is giving the opportunity to express, to share, to cultivate the knowledge, skills and awareness to mass with its own terms of inclusion and oneness.

In the long run the web platform will lead towards a society of peace and co-existence without any hate speech and sharing common issues. Covid-19 will direct humanity into ‘ONENESS’ and that will bring back the solidarity in any conflict area with the platform for the next generation with the long term effect of peaceful society from local to national, from national to international level.